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Analyzing Codename Cure's Greenlight Release
« on: October 13, 2015, 10:59:37 AM »
Analyzing Codename Cure's Greenlight Release:

Important Release Points:
- Source mod
- Free 2 Play --> No micro-transactions
- Trailer showing off classes and their abilities
- Had a "direct connect" button in menu
- There were no dedicated servers at start, most got full and were password protected, people couldn't play with their mates first release weeks.
- When creating a game/server, there are option to fill empty slots with bots until players join, and your IP shows up in a box before launching the server (so u can copypaste).
- People complaining over the lack of female playermodels (lol @ this, luckily cw got one).
- Old zombie animations from HL2 gets boring quick.
- Same gamemode for every map - COOP Zombie Escape

Discussion & Suggestions:
- Auto-connect button to any active server, mainly TDM-gamemodes, auto-joining special modes like BR would get annoying.
- Having a in-game server creator with lots of guidance, instead of the standard "create game" button. Also showing the creators IP to him before launching server; this is easy i've done it in html.
- Bots should auto-fill empty server slots and get kicked when someone join the game.
- Que system to full servers(?)
- Map voting / extending current map, 2min near game end.
- Group making + group lobbies

- (HLTV streaming for official tournaments / BR has already been talked about but this is more about random players streaming)
- Connecting streaming to CW menu would make it easy to show gameplay and give free publicity

-> Found this, might be interesting:

Another thought i got was, maybe there is some tournament/competive-related code in Dota2 avaible?

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