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New killfeed icons - emotes and titles idea
« on: June 24, 2015, 07:30:53 PM »
I converted lots of cod/mw2 icons that can be used for the kill feed (which weapon or if killed by vehicle), MVP kills, MVP bounty, bloodmoney stole/secured/deadbodyloot, headshot icon, developer icon, killstreak icons up to 20 kills (like tripplekill/multikill and so on), flag captures by team/enemy, AND a new thing that i call "emoting" - u click the emote button and a menu similiar to CS:S radio commands comes up with text "STOP CAR" and "REQUEST MEDIC", both these "emotes" will show icons above the players head that symbols it, one is a big STOP sign and the other is a X-RAY skull, and while they show the players class will actually yell "TAXI!" or something similiar, an advantage for people without mic ingame.


Some of the killfeed icons appear here, minigun for example:

My new idea about titles is that you can choose one that is visible while people spectate you and while your in lobby, if possible, on the scoreboard with player name infront of it. and making it unlockable by doing achivements that makes it more personal.

This is what titles look like in cod.

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Re: New killfeed icons - emotes and titles idea
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