More Missing Features, but theres new Ones!

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New Features: 1. Better Gibs System 2. Shaders - Added TF2 style Invuneriable changing player models to any skin. Like the cool T-1000 skin. and Others. 3. Player Animation State system for Different Model Types. Currently theres 3. 4th maybe TF2 or some other ones? ( stay stoned but focused and find out later! ). NPCs CUSTOMTYPE = 3 |||| 1 zombie\classic.mdl 5 dog.mdl 7 fastzombie ||| CalcAimLayerSequenceCUSTOMType SDK/DOD MAINTYPE = 1 |||| 2 cw_inmate ||| CalcAimLayerSequenceMAINType HL2MP HL2TYPE = 2 |||| 3 gman 4 police ||| CalcAimLayerSequenceHL2Type 4. VoiceMenuCommands TF2 Style with VCD Scenes. but needs some Player blending layer animation work. 5. prop_gibbale_ragdolls - u can collide with them, shoot them into gibs, and maybe later add to u can pick up with gravity gun, and dead player can see u mutilate the corpse. 6. 6 seprate CGameRules based gamemodes - play any gamemode on anymap. 7. Less File Size- but still lots of clean up. 8. Re-coded from scratch. A lot better focus on bugs and crashes and perforamce in C++ code. 9. Weapons having Tracers, custom muzzle flashes on particle system. 10. Achievements. added some. needs more work. Cool Features Missing, but not for long. 1. NPCs AI System. u can still spawn a npc_zombie or npc_combine_s, but they will just ragdoll/idle , with not much response. Will be easy fix. done this 2 times before 2. Car System. ch_create_jeep2 still creates the new jeep model, but needs recompile on the .mdl 3. HUD Team Picking 4. Weapons, Lots of them. like over 50. Currently about 6 stable weapons. Mostly to avoid pitfalls in coding the core. At some point will add crazy ones back in like weapon_portal and others. 5. projected light system 6. later list otheres 7. 3D Radar. In Progress 1. Game Modes. Death match mostly works..., team dm needs to ability to pick teams. 2. Class choosing. 3. Response Rules for Players. Adding voice acting as VCDs for all player classes. 4. NPC Reponse RUles Temp Removed to Develop player ones. Its a big sound/script/vcd mess with the old one. New one is alot cleaner. 5. Outload/Shop/Inventory System. 6. Econ/Buffer/Item System 7. Template Weapon system. 8. Main backend database system. 9. Modeling improvements. Like HL2/DOD/SDK rigs using TF2 weapons, and hats and stuff.. 10. Mapping! of course! WE NEED MAPPERS! News: More new dev videos on youtube. Check out!132&authkey=!AO8NFBrNhYQW8UQ&ithint=file%2crar

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